Furnaces are generally so reliable that it’s easy not to give them a second thought until something goes wrong. Taking prompt action at the first sign of a problem can minimize your discomfort. Here are three of the most common furnace repair issues and what to do about them.

Clogged Air Filters

A clean filter helps keep the air that circulates through your home clean and healthy. It also prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on critical components. Dirty or clogged filters impact airflow, forcing your furnace to run overtime to keep everyone warm and cozy. That kind of wear and tear can lead to a premature replacement. You can safeguard your comfort and avoid the cost of a heating repair by replacing the filter at the first sign of dirt.


Dirt and neglect are the primary causes of heating system failures. Without proper maintenance, the equipment can corrode and crack. Corrosion doesn’t just damage major parts and components. It can allow dangerous gases like carbon monoxide to infiltrate your living spaces. For your safety, it’s important to have your furnace serviced by a qualified professional each year.

System Safety Devices

Several problems associated with furnace performance are linked to a component called the fan limit control. Housed inside the heat exchanger, it triggers the blower fan to switch on when your furnace produces the right amount of heat. The fan limit control also acts as a fire safety device, shutting the burners down and turning off the fan if internal temperatures are too high. It can be dangerous to attempt a DIY fix for this problem. It takes the skills of an experienced HVAC technician to identify and resolve the underlying issue.

When outdoor temperatures plummet, you need a heating system you can count on to keep you comfortable indoors all winter long. If your furnace gives you any trouble, call Titan HVAC Inc. We’re the company you can trust to provide you with fast and efficient furnace repair.

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