Sometimes, a DIY furnace repair for your Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, home seems like the best way to fix a problem. But that isn’t the case, as performing your own furnace repairs is fraught with danger. Here are four reasons you should leave furnace repairs to the experts.

Risk of Furnace Damage

Unless you’re trained and certified in furnace repair, determining what’s causing your furnace to operate improperly can be a challenge. While you’re attempting to find what may be a minor issue, you may end up doing significant damage to other components of the unit. What may start as a minimal repair may end up costing significantly more money because of the unnecessary damage you’ve caused. Another consideration is the warranty, which may become null and void if you tamper with the unit versus hiring a reputable company with licensed technicians.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Anytime fuel is being burned to operate your furnace, colorless and odorless carbon monoxide is produced. Being subjected to carbon monoxide is dangerous because the odor is nearly impossible to detect and inhaling carbon monoxide can negatively affect your health and even cause death. For these reasons, it’s highly recommended you use the services of a professional company to service, maintain, and repair your furnace.

Potential Fire Hazard

Natural gas furnaces and other types of heating systems are a source of heated energy, which means the risk of fire is always a possibility. Compromised gas lines and faulty wiring can be potential fire hazards.

Refrigerant Leaks

For homes equipped with a heat pump, refrigerant leaks are dangerous. Coming into contact with the liquid can cause respiratory problems, dizziness, and asphyxia.

If your furnace needs maintenance, let our professional technicians diagnose the problem and safely take care of any furnace replacements or repairs. Contact us at Titan HVAC Inc. at 412-424-6794 and speak with one of our representatives for assistance.

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