Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Services in Allison Park, PA & Surrounding Areas

If you’re ready to invest in a new air conditioner, congratulations! You’re on the path to enjoying reliable, efficient cooling for many years to come, and our AC installation team is here to help you get there. Titan HVAC Inc. specializes in air conditioning systems that exceed the Energy Star guidelines, adding more to your savings on the investment.

AC Installation

Determining Your Allison Park, PA Home’s Cooling Needs

Every home is unique, and every home has unique cooling needs. When air conditioners aren’t properly sized to meet those needs, energy is wasted and bad things can happen. Over the years, we’ve seen many air conditioners that were too large or too small for the homes they cooled; either way, this lowers energy efficiency and increases wear and tear on the unit.

That’s why our policy at Titan HVAC Inc. is to start every AC installation project with precise calculations. Even if we’re replacing an existing unit, we’ll start fresh to make sure we have an accurate assessment instead of just matching the current system; after all, the current system could be oversized or undersized. We’ll look at every characteristic that affects your cooling load, including:

  • Layout and square footage
  • Insulation, including walls, doors, windows and roof
  • Ceiling heights and loft areas
  • Load-generating appliances

Our Air Conditioning Installation Process

Once we understand how much cooling power your home needs, our first priority is finding the right solution to meet those needs. We have a wide variety of Trane cooling systems available at different price points, and we’ll work with you to pick out the right air conditioner for your home and your budget.

At that point, it’s just a matter of getting the new air conditioner up and running in your home. We understand that this is a long-term investment, as a new air conditioner is built to last a decade or more, and we’re always mindful of how the investment may affect your future. That means we put in the time and effort to make sure your new air conditioner is installed at or above the manufacturer’s specifications. Titan HVAC Inc. also honors all manufacturer warranties, so you can rest assured that we’re laying a strong foundation for reliable climate control in your home.

Schedule Your AC Installation Today

A new air conditioner is a big decision, and you can get peace of mind by trusting the experts at Titan HVAC Inc. Hundreds of families throughout our area are currently enjoying the cool comfort of air conditioners we installed. We’d be honored to bring our skills to your home, too.

If you need a new air conditioner for your home or business, your first call should be to the AC installation experts at Titan HVAC Inc. We provide AC installation in Glenshaw, Mars, Gibsonia, Wexford, Allison Park, and Cranberry, PA. As always, we provide free no-obligation installation consultations. Contact us today to speak with one of our comfort specialists about your project.

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