Though it’s spring, you may have already used your heat pump a few times in Fox Chapel, PA. During that time, perhaps you noticed that the heat pump doesn’t shut off after the usual 10 or 15 minutes of cycling. You don’t want your heat pump running all the time, so here are four possibilities of what is wrong.

Clogged Air Filter

After 90 days, replace your pleated air filter or else it becomes an obstruction to airflow. Not only do clogged filters force a heat pump to run longer than normal, but they also put pressure on the system and may make it overheat.

Thermostat-Related Problem

Maintenance usually includes thermostat calibration because this device can, little by little, lose its accuracy. If it reads your temperature as lower than it is, than your heat pump may run longer even though it has, in reality, reached the set point.

Low Refrigerant

Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat from the home to outside (at least in cooling mode). Low refrigerant will lead to longer cycles and consistently lukewarm air. Have a technician over to see if your refrigerant line is leaking.

Undersized System

Heat pumps come in different sizes and capacities, making them fit for one home but not another. Perhaps yours is too small for your home. However this may have happened, the only solution, unfortunately, is to purchase a new system altogether.

Whether you need an AC repair or a new heat pump in Fox Chapel, you can depend on Titan HVAC Inc. for professional work combined with warm customer care, so call today for a consultation. We maintain 24/7 emergency availability in case your situation can’t wait for an appointment. We’re also up-front with our pricing but reasonable with the rates.

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