The U.S. Department of Environment Protection has estimated that indoor air pollution could be up to five times higher than outdoor pollution. Why? Because as we make our homes more energy efficient, less air, contaminants, and pollutants can escape. The result is moisture, contaminants and pollutants could be continuously circulated throughout your home. Even worse, during times when you are not using your heat or air conditioning they will just linger in the air. However, you can stop this from happening and protect your family’s health with the right IAQ products for your home.

Health Dangers of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Most homes have a variety of contaminants and pollutants lurking about that could be affecting you and your family’s health:

  • Contaminants like pollen, dust, pet dander, and dust mites can cause or increase allergy symptoms or upper respiratory conditions
  • Bacteria and viruses can linger longer and be spread throughout your home
  • Pollutants like volatile organic contaminants (VOCs) that are found in new carpeting, flooring, and wall paint can linger longer and cause health issues

Products That Help Improve IAQ

The first step to improving indoor air quality in your home is by making sure you regularly check, and change or clean your HVAC system’s air filters as needed. Make sure that you are using a quality filter with a MERV 8 rating.

Upgrading to a new furnace with advanced air filtration is another solution to consider for improved indoor air quality. You also get the benefit of enhanced comfort, improved efficiency, and lower energy costs.

Electronic, UV, or high-efficiency air cleaners can be added to your existing HVAC system to trap airborne particles and purify the air in your home. These units often require very little maintenance.

We can help you ensure your family has healthy living conditions with indoor air quality products. Learn more about all your options for improving indoor air quality with Titan HVAC Inc.

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