A noisy furnace is alarming, disrupting your peace and making you wonder if the system is on its last leg. The good news is that not all noisy furnaces need repairs, but you don’t want to play guessing games. Staying on top of unusual heating sounds in your Pittsburgh home, and calling for furnace repair right away, is how you keep your heating system working its best all winter.

The Furnace Rumbles

Never ignore rumbling noises following a complete heating cycle. Issues that cause this sound include:

  • Damaged burners
  • Malfunctioning flame sensors
  • Pilot light problems

These issues have the potential to increase the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) in your home, putting your household at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Call a qualified HVAC technician to check out the noise and fix any problems to ensure your household’s safety.

The Furnace Makes a Clicking Sound

Have you noticed that the furnace clicks when turning on? Ignition and heat exchanger issues cause clicking noises from the furnace. If either of these components doesn’t show signs of disrepair, the issue is likely with the bolts or nuts. A service technician can fix this problem quickly with an inexpensive tune-up to tighten or lubricate the parts.

You Hear Banging When the Furnace Turns On

For most people, banging sounds grab their attention more than clicking sounds. If you have a gas furnace, you’re more likely to have this problem when there’s an issue with the ignition system. When the gas ignition system works properly, it ignites at the beginning of a new cycle.

If there’s a problem with the ignition system, the cycle doesn’t run as smoothly. You’ll hear that worrisome bang. Clogged burners and weak flames are just two examples of problems that contribute to this sound. You’ll need to make a call to a local HVAC service technician to figure out what’s happening with the ignition system to stop the banging and preserve the system’s efficiency.

You should never ignore strange furnace sounds, but you don’t need to panic either. Call the experts at Titan HVAC Inc., for high-quality furnace repair and other heating services in Wexford, Fox Chapel, Gibsonia, and surrounding communities in the Pittsburgh area.

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