Although your heat pump should not ordinarily trip your circuit breaker, it also means that your breaker is at least performing its critical safety function. Here are a few reasons your heat pump might trip the circuit breaker in your Cranberry, PA home.


Circuit breakers work to quickly sever all electrical connections as soon as too much power happens to run across your electrical wiring. The point is to prevent power surges, keep the devices in your home from frying and ensure that no one suffers electrocution.

If your heat pump triggers your circuit breaker, it may be because the system is too small for your home and draws more power trying to handle the strain. Several factors can help determine what the issue is.

For example, if you notice your heat pump running constantly, then the system is probably not the correct size for your home’s requirements. A heat pump that short cycles is too large for the home and may also trip your breaker.

Dirty Filters

If too much debris accumulates on your heat pump’s filters, this can inhibit airflow. When this becomes serious enough, your system’s performance will decline, and it may consume more energy to compensate for the issue. To ensure this doesn’t trip your breaker, replace your filters once every 60 to 90 days.

Loose Wiring

Changes in weather and electrical flow can cause the wiring to expand and contract, possibly undermining the electrical connections they should form. Issues like these can send too much power over some wires and trip the breaker. That’s why it’s important to have technicians examine your wiring during maintenance appointments.

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