Loud noises coming from your air conditioner’s outdoor unit should not be ignored. It does not always mean there is a serious problem with your unit. However, it is better to be safe than sorry and shut off your air conditioner immediately, take a look at your unit, and call a professional for HVAC repair. If there is a serious problem with the unit, it could cause substantial damage to your system or your home.

Here are a few common noises that could come from your Wexford, PA home’s outdoor unit and what they could mean.

Persistent Buzzing Noise

A persistent buzzing noise coming from your outdoor unit is often a sign of an electrical problem with your AC system. It is best to turn off the system to prevent damage or even a fire if electrical connections are loose or old and are arcing. The unit will require an HVAC repair.

Rattling or Chattering

A rattling or chattering noise could be as minor as some small branches or twigs falling into your unit if it was uncovered during the winter. However, it could also mean that parts are coming in an aging system, a loose fan, or an electrical issue. If there is no sign of debris in the unit that can be removed, your best bet is to call a professional.

Metal-on-Metal Screeching Noise

A screeching metal-on-metal noise that begins when your unit turns on and continues until it shuts off will likely require an HVAC repair. The bearings on the fan motor are most likely going bad. Keep your unit off to prevent additional damage until your fan motor is replaced.

High-Pitched Whistling or Screaming

Shut off your air conditioner immediately if you hear a high-pitched whistle or scream coming from the outside unit after it turns on. This could be a sign that the compressor in the unit has a dangerously high refrigerant pressure. Your AC may frequently be turning itself on and off as a protective measure.

Loud Banging or Slamming

If you hear a loud bang or slam while your AC is running, your fan could be loose. You should turn off your unit to prevent any further damage and call for service. If you only hear this sound when your AC turns on or off, the springs within the unit’s compressor may need to be replaced.

The professionals at Titan HVAC Inc. can assist you with determining the reason for loud noises coming from your outdoor unit and whether a repair or tune-up is needed.

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