If you live in Cranberry, PA, you run your AC every summer. And when you do, you expect every room in your home to be equally cool. Hot and cold spots throughout the home indicate something is wrong with your AC or a related component; here are three well-known possibilities.

1. A Leaking Air Duct

Ducts with holes and cracks will not carry all their cool air into the room they connect to, creating uneven results after an AC cycle. Other times, it’s due to old insulation or a lack of insulation around the ducts or in the walls. Have a technician inspect your ducts and give an expert recommendation.

Sometimes, an aging AC will fail to cool the farthest rooms, too. In either case, your only option for moving forward is to replace the system.

2. Obstacle to Airflow

Three things, in particular, can obstruct air circulation: a clogged filter, dirty ducts and blocked vents. Make sure you keep your vents open, never blocking them with furniture or other things, and replace your filter every 60 to 90 days. You can request a professional duct cleaning; once every three to five years is the normal recommendation.

3. An Undersized AC Unit

Maybe the company that took on your previous AC installation installed a small AC. If it’s too small, it will struggle to cool your entire home, and consequently, certain rooms will be warmer than others. Rooms that are farthest from the air handler, the AC’s indoor unit, will be especially impacted.

For AC replacement, repairs and maintenance in Cranberry, give Titan HVAC Inc. a call today. Our factory-trained technicians can diagnose any issue with any make or model of AC, and they’ll provide up-front pricing for the job at hand. We can present you with a free installation consultation, too, if needed.

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