Ignoring professional HVAC maintenance during spring is quite a costly mistake. Seasonal HVAC maintenance services are vital to prepare your system for rising spring temperatures. Here are common issues that you can avoid with professional spring maintenance in your Allison Park, PA, home.

Poor Air Quality

With the cold winter winds, your HVAC system’s coils and filters collect debris, leaves, dander and pollen. Gradual amassing of these substances causes inefficient air circulation and temperature variances.

Additionally, poor airflow results in insufficient dehumidification of your indoor space. Subsequently, your home might develop musty odors, triggering allergic illnesses. It’s wise if you consult an HVAC expert to install new filters at least twice during the spring.

Low HVAC Efficiency

Grime and debris collection within the HVAC parts causes a massive dip in your system’s energy efficiency. Typically, the HVAC components overwork to regulate a comfortable indoor climate, leading to extensive wear.

HVAC efficiency directly impacts your monthly utilities. As the overall efficiency lessens, your energy bills begin to skyrocket. Professional maintenance eradicates debris buildup, rejuvenating high energy efficiency.

Sudden Breakdown

Unanticipated HVAC system malfunctions cause immense inconvenience. Essentially, minor HVAC issues can rapidly transform into huge problems within a short time.

Common reasons for frequent breakdown include clogged drains, undetected refrigerant leaks, blown capacitor and motor failure. Notable signs of gradual HVAC breakdown include insufficient air conditioning and poor air circulation.

Routine maintenance is the most vital step to prevent minor and major HVAC problems. Through professional inspection, an HVAC specialist detects and wards off potential causes of unexpected HVAC breakdowns.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is among the most tricky and expensive HVAC problems. The good news, however, is that short cycling is preventable. Short cycling occurs when your HVAC system switches on and off quickly, without making a complete cycle.

Reasons for short cycling include refrigerant leaks, cracks in the ventilator unit, and improper thermostat setting. Ignoring short cycling leads to extended wear on the HVAC components. A maintenance plan ensures the HVAC parts remain clean, therefore, preventing short cycling.

Contact Titan HVAC Inc. for excellent HVAC installation and maintenance. We provide reliable HVAC services to maximize your comfort.

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