If you have a smart thermostat in Allison Park, PA, you have access to some appealing benefits. Apart from reducing your energy usage, a smart thermostat gives you the liberty to control your HVAC from anywhere. The following features of smart thermostats help to maximize the benefits, so you get the most out of your smart thermostat.

Automatic Scheduling

A smart thermostat has learning abilities and can learn the habits of your home and what you prefer. Once your unit learns what you prefer, create a seasonal schedule that includes your preferred annual temperatures.

You should establish a daily schedule when you either want low or high temperatures. Once you alter these initial settings, your thermostat will always make the right adjustments for you.

Remote Control

Smart thermostats come with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to regulate the temperatures of your home even when you are on vacation. Some new thermostats have mobile phone apps to increase user efficiency. Moreover, through the app, you get notified when your HVAC unit malfunctions.

Away Features

Smart thermostats have inbuilt sensors that sense motion and tell when your family is home or away. This feature maximizes your energy saving. When your family is out of the house, and the thermostat senses no motion, it will turn off to reduce energy wastage.

Review Reports

Smart thermostats track your energy usage and give you monthly reports. The reports provide you with data on energy usage in your home as well as which appliances are using much energy. The report also includes heating and cooling changes to make in your home to minimize energy loss.

Are you wondering how you could maximize your smart thermostat? Call Titan HVAC Inc. today, and we can help you fully utilize your new smart thermostat. Set an appointment with our service team, and we can provide the information you need.

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