Indoor air pollution is a major issue that can significantly impact indoor air quality (IAQ). It’s important to understand how it happens and how to reduce it. Let’s discuss a few of the common sources of indoor air pollution in Fox Chapel, PA.

1. Tobacco Smoke

Tobacco smoke could put you at risk for serious health conditions, including cancer, heart disease and stroke. If you have any smokers in your household, ask if they can smoke outside away from open windows and doors so the smoke doesn’t infiltrate the home. This can help ensure the indoor air quality doesn’t become contaminated with tobacco smoke pollutants.

2. Household Products

Certain household products, such as cleaning supplies, aerosol sprays, paints, and solvents, can impact IAQ. To reduce your exposure to these pollutants, use only non-toxic cleaning supplies whenever possible. Additionally, make sure that any area where you are using these products has proper ventilation, like an open window.

3. Biological Growth

Moisture buildup in poorly ventilated spaces can cause biological growth. Common areas for biological growth include bathrooms, basements, and closets. Biological growth not only contributes to poor IAQ, but it could also impact those who live within the home, by triggering their allergies.

To reduce the risk of biological growth in your home, make sure all exhaust fans are properly working. Have technicians install an exhaust fan if you don’t currently have one in a high-humidity area. Fix any plumbing leaks, keep windows open for ventilation, and use a dehumidifier if you need one.

4. Fireplaces

Fireplaces are another one of the most common sources of indoor air pollution. As lovely as they are, they can also release pollutants into the air. Too much exposure could lead to health issues ranging from headaches to respiratory problems, especially for those who already have existing medical conditions.

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