Coming home to a comfortable and warm environment during winter feels good. Unfortunately, your heat pump may run into problems, leaving you cold and frustrated. Below, we cover four common wintertime heat pump problems in Fox Chapel, PA.

1. Running Constantly

A malfunctioning heat pump may run continuously instead of operating in cycles. Running without stopping inflates your energy bill and causes the system parts to undergo excessive strain, leading to more frequent breakdowns.

Therefore, requesting a technician to inspect and repair your system as soon as possible is crucial to saving on energy and repair costs. Some factors contributing to your heat pump running without stopping include a dirty outdoor unit, refrigerant leaks, leaky ducts, a clogged air filter, and an undersized heat pump.

2. Unusual Noises

Your heat pump produces weird noises when something is amiss. It is vital to seek a technician’s help immediately because the more you ignore the noises, the more the problem worsens. Some common noises that a problematic heat pump produces include banging, hissing, gurgling, clicking, rattling, and buzzing.

3. Failing to Heat Your Home

Sometimes your heat pump may distribute temperatures unevenly, leaving some rooms warm, while others are cold and uncomfortable. Other times, the unit may fail to keep your whole house warm despite running like normal.

This is very frustrating because the unit is consuming energy and not providing the comfort you need. Heat pump issues that cause your system to fail to heat your home include refrigerant leaks, a faulty reversing valve, a dirty outdoor unit, a clogged air filter, compressor issues, and wrong thermostat settings.

4. A Frozen Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit may freeze because its environment is very cold during winter. The system comes equipped with a defrost mechanism that helps to prevent the outdoor unit from freezing. However, the component may freeze if the defrost timer is faulty, the refrigerant is leaking or the outdoor fan is defective.

Contact Titan HVAC Inc. for quality HVAC services this winter. We enjoy restoring our clients’ systems to optimal efficiency because their comfort matters to us.

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