Pittsburgh homeowners face the potential for long periods of high heat and many months of warm weather each year, so any decision about your air conditioner is a serious one. There are dozens of individual factors that influence the viability of different AC options, which is why advice from an experienced air conditioning contractor is invaluable throughout the process.

Size Your System

Measuring structural demands and appropriately sizing your system is a fundamental first step in any air conditioning installation. Homeowners can easily estimate living space volume based on the square footage and ceiling height of each room, but assessing impact from sun exposure and current insulation can be a bit more complex. For more precise calculations, get a professional technician to perform Manual J calculations.

Focus on Efficiency

Once you understand the output range optimal for your home, you can compare system options based on operating efficiency and performance. Domestic air conditioners in the US are rated based on seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), which indicates cooling capacity versus energy consumption throughout an entire season. Each increase on the scale, like 13 to 14, translates into roughly 5% efficiency. Even if the initial costs are higher, choosing a system with even a slightly higher rating can translate into serious energy savings on a long-term basis.

Consider Air Quality

Just because you can’t see or smell anything doesn’t mean the air in your home is clean. In fact, many homeowners face indoor air quality concerns on a daily basis that could be addressed with basic improvements to air circulation and HVAC system management. Ductless systems can present an appealing alternative for improving overall air quality in your home. They also offer other benefits in the form of greater temperature control and less general maintenance than their traditional counterparts.

Choosing the right AC system for your home also means choosing the right air conditioning contractor. Learn more about Titan HVAC Inc.’s professional air conditioning installation solutions and how we can help you make informed decisions at each stage of the process.

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