As a homeowner in Fox Chapel, PA, it’s important to keep an eye on your HVAC system’s efficiency. An efficient system helps keep your home comfortable through the seasons. If you’re unsure about your AC’s efficiency, here are some warning signs that your system is underperforming.

1. Higher Energy Bills

It’s normal for your monthly energy bills to vary. However, if they’re unusually high, your system might be drawing too much energy. As your HVAC gets older, energy use might increase.

If you notice major fluctuations, it’s a sign that your system is inefficient. Leaks in the ductwork may cause your HVAC to work harder, leading to a rise in your energy bills.

Seasonal changes in your HVAC energy consumption are normal. However, if your bill suddenly increases with no relation to seasonal changes, it’s time to get your system checked by a professional.

Practice seasonal HVAC maintenance to keep your system working efficiently. Seasonal maintenance protects you from regular replacements/repairs, discomfort and high energy bills.

2. Dirty/Leaky HVAC Coils

Leakage in the coils may cause your HVAC system to undercharge, thus reducing its efficiency. Filters help keep dander, pollen and dust from accumulating in your AC. If you don’t regularly replace your filters, the buildup of dust and debris may prevent sufficient airflow, causing your system to be less effective.

If you haven’t replaced your filters in a while, contact an HVAC professional to replace them. Remember that if your system is working harder than it should be, it may lead to unnecessary wear and strain on your AC.

3. Frequent HVAC Repair

If you’re often calling your HVAC technician for repairs, it’s a sign that one or more of the units have worn out. For the majority of us, replacing an old HVAC is a hurdle. However, remember that outdated systems won’t perform as they used to.

If you suspect that your AC isn’t working efficiently, contact Titan HVAC Inc., and schedule an HVAC repair service with our team. We’re committed to ensuring that you’re comfortable in your home.

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