Forcing your AC to continue working once it has already malfunctioned will only compound the problems. However, homeowners in Cranberry, PA may not always know that an issue is serious enough to warrant a call from a technician. Here are three signs that you need professional AC repair services.

1. Lackluster Performance

The most obvious indicator that you need repairs is that your AC won’t cool your home or only does so poorly. Although you may not know precisely what is wrong with it, you may be sure that something is.

When your AC isn’t working its best, there can be various explanations. These include low levels of refrigerant, dirty filters, faulty electrical wiring or a broken compressor or blower motor. While you can, and should, change your filters on your own, you’ll need technicians to handle everything else during either repairs or maintenance.

2. Rising Utility Bills

Since your AC should run fairly efficiently, your utility bills shouldn’t jump drastically from month to month. Of course, during the spring and summer, you’ll be using your AC more intensively than during other times of the year. Even so, your AC bills during these seasons, though higher than during the rest of the year, should be comparable to the utility bills you’ve had during other springs and summers.

If you aren’t using your AC more than usual, a massive spike in your utility bills means that one or more of the system’s components are in danger of failing. That means that your system needs repairs.

3. Weird Noises

You should hear nothing more than a soft hum coming from your AC as it goes about its daily business. If you haven’t used the system in some time, you might hear clicking or whooshing noises for a short time after you turn it on. Any other sort of sound, be it rumbling, banging, buzzing or hissing, is a sign of trouble.

Keep a watchful eye on your AC and stay aware of when it requires professional help. When the time comes, call Titan HVAC, Inc. and get the best AC repair services near Cranberry, PA.

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