Of all the energy that the average business in Allison Park, PA, expends, around 40% comes from the heating and cooling system. It pays to know the issues that a heating system can face and then address them right away. Among other things, commercial HVAC systems can quickly develop airflow issues, wear down their parts and leave you with a malfunctioning thermostat.

Obstructed Airflow

With customers’ and employees’ comfort to think about, you don’t want your heater to blow weakly or leave cold spots in some areas. Unfortunately, commercial buildings see a lot of traffic, which means the filter, the heater’s interior components and the vents can get dirty very soon.

Although you could easily replace the air filters yourself, a professional heating tune-up will do the most to keep your system clean. Professional maintenance can cover tasks like vent cleaning, coil cleaning for heat pumps and burner cleaning for furnaces.

Worn-Down Motors

Weak or non-existent airflow could indicate a failing blower motor, a common problem with commercial heating systems. The causes can vary from dirt buildup within the system to blower bearing failure, but old age usually tops the list of possible culprits.

Damaged Thermostat

The system itself may work fine, but if you have multiple thermostats to set, something may easily go wrong with one or more of them. Thermostats can have their batteries drained long before you start to suspect anything, or they can wear down and lose their calibration. Maybe someone failed to change the setting from “cool” to “heat.”

Call Titan HVAC Inc. today. Our commercial HVAC experts will provide your business in Allison Park, PA, with the necessary tune-up or repair. If you need a brand new system, we can discuss the matter during a free consultation. We’ve been serving this area since 2001, so we know what it takes to keep our commercial clients warm.

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