Frequently Asked Questions

A programmable thermostat automatically turns on and off your homes furnace or air conditioner based on times, days, and temperatures you set. This is not only convenient, but it saves heating and cooling cost. Check your thermostat and owners manual for specific details on how to program your thermostat.
CO is often called the “silent killer” as it is virtually undetectable to the human senses. You can not see, hear, taste or touch it, it’s odorless! The most common CO threats are your furnace, water heater and any kind of fuel burning device like a gas stove or vent less fireplaces. Common symptoms of CO poisoning are headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pains, burning eyes and throat, and confusion. By installing quality detectors and having annual maintenance done on your gas appliances, you can help save your own life.
– Do you hear noise from the unit – Flip breaker off then back on – Is the fan seized up
– Check filter media at furnace – Check for ice build up on evaporator and/or outside copper lines and compressor – Check condenser coils for debris buildup – Check thermostat programs – Are all vents open and proper returns closed
– Change the batteries – Check furnace breaker – Turn thermostat to “fan on” to verify power
– Yes, a cover should be placed over the unit to keep out debris, snow, and ice – If you need a cover, call Titan Heating and Air Conditioning in Pittsburgh
– Your furnace and AC will run better when they receive annual maintenance, this will help your unit last longer
– Check the water pressure of the boiler – Try bleeding air from all the radiators – Check the pumps for operation – Are all the valves open
– 1” filters every 30 days – 2” filters every 60 days – 5” filters every 6 months *Based on how often you run your fan
– Check the breaker for the furnace – Check your filter media – Switch furnace off then back on to reset – Check the pilot light – Check flue pipes for debris – Turn fan to “on” to verify power
– Is the humidistat turned on to 35% RH – Is there an outdoor sensor – Is the saddle valve open to the system – Is the water panel soft to the touch, if so then it needs to be replaced
– Check your air filter media – Do you feel any air from the vents – Is your blower motor running or making noise – With the furnace off, is the blow motor hot to the touch
– Dirty flame sensor – Dirty burner assembly
– Drain might be clogged – Hose might be broken or not connected properly – Condensate pump might be bad or blocked
– Igniter could be bad – Gas pressure could be too high – Cracks in the heat exchanger